Lalaria Beach

Lalaria Beach on the north coast of Skiathos.

Even though Skiathos is a relatively small island, it is blessed with a huge number of beaches. In fact, there are over 70 beaches around its coastline, though many of these are inaccessible to anyone without a boat. Help is at hand, however, as there are many boat trips available from Skiathos Town that will call at many of these remote beaches.

Most of the beaches on Skiathos are Blue Flag beaches - a sign of the quality of the upkeep of these beaches and the water around the coastline.

Listed below are some of the more popular and accessible beaches for you to explore.

Lalaria Beach

Lalaria beach is situated on the north of the island and can only be accessed by boat. For those that don't have their own boat, there are daily boat trips from Skiathos Town. Inevitably this means that this beach can become busy in the peak summer months. There are no facilities at this beach, however, the crystal clear water and spectacular natural rock archway may make up for this inconvenience.

Koukounaries Beach

The main beach at Koukounaries

Koukounaries Beach

There are several beaches near to Koukounaries, with the main beach being the principal attraction. This kilometre long crescent-shaped sandy beach is backed by a large lagoon. The lagoon is a protected nature reserve.

Finding space on this beach in the peak summer months can become a problem as it is packed with tourists. A short stroll around the western headland may bring some relief from the crowds, however. The beach is overlooked from the east by a large, imposing hotel. Also at this end of the beach is a small harbour.

There are several beach bars on this beach as well as parasol and sun loungers available for hire. It is also possible to partake in watersports such as water-skiing or parasailing.

Banana Beach

West of Koukounaries you will find Banana Beach. This beach is one of the few naturist beaches on the island.

As it is a good ten-minute walk from the main part of Koukounaries, this beach is often much quieter than the main beach. However, those that make the effort are rewarded with a wonderful west-facing sandy beach that provides a great vista when the sun sets at the end of the day.

Facilities at Banana Beach include water sports, parasol hire and sun loungers.

Mandraki Peninsula

A good forty minute walk north through the pine forest from Koukounaries to the Mandraki Peninsula rewards the visitor with the option of three beaches to choose from Xerxes, Elias and Agistri. Of these, Agistri is the least sandy beach.

The remote nature of this peninsular means that these three beaches offer a welcome relief from the masses of tourists that throng the more accessible southern beaches.

Facilities are limited here, though it is possible to find a sun lounger. There is also a couple of small beach bars that offer a small range of refreshments.

Unfortunately, these beaches suffer from a relatively scruffy appearance due to the fact that the strong northerly winds blow an above-average amount of flotsam and jetsam onto the shore.

Kastro Beach

The beach at Kastro is visited by the daily boat trips.

Kastro Beach

This is the northernmost beach on Skiathos and is located at the base of a steep hill, at the top of which is the old Medieval capital of Skiathos. 

There is a series of steep steps down to the beach, however, most people arrive at Kastro beach via boat; either aboard a private yacht or on one of the many boat trips that start out in Skiathos Town.

There is a beach bar here, though this can become very busy when the boat trippers arrive, particularly in the peak summer months.

The beach itself is comprised of shingle and stone. Those with a curious nature can explore the three sea grottos that can be found just around the headland.

Troulos Beach

The sandy beach at Troulos is backed by low sand dunes and offers visitors plenty of facilities. There are a couple of beach bars available, there are also several tavernas nearby.

There are plenty of parasols and sun loungers available for hire, though these can be a little pricey, especially in the summer months, as this beach and resort are becoming more and more popular.

If you choose to explore the nearby woodland, you will discover a few small coves that provide a retreat from the crowds. Access to these coves is not easy, however, and may be best approached by boat.

Vromolimnos Beach

Vromolomnos Beach is a fine sandy beach that is a popular beach with party-loving youngsters. The main attraction for them is the beach bar that throbs to the beat of the latest music hits and from time to time even throws beach parties.

Other than the beach bar, facilities available at this beach include water sports, sun loungers and parasol hire. During the peak summer months, the beach can become quite congested with masses of tourists as the beach is quite narrow.

Out of season, however, Vromolomnos Beach is a great beach for families with young children as the beach is sheltered from the northern winds and usually has calm waters in which to splash around.

Watching sunsets from this west-facing beach can be a rewarding experience.

Skiathos Beaches

One of the many small beaches you can discover in Skiathos.

Kolios Beach

Kolios Beach is set in a small and attractive bay on the south coast of Skiathos and is just a short distance from Vromolimnos Beach. It is regularly visited by small boats that tie up at the small jetty. Near the back of the beach is a small taverna that offers refreshments in the cool of the shade.

This beach tends not to get overcrowded like some of the other southern beaches, though obviously visitor numbers increase in the summer months. The beach shelves very gently into the water and as such is an excellent beach for families with small children.

Facilities at Kolios Beach include sun loungers and parasol hire. Within a short walk of the beach, you can find a selection of tavernas, mini markets cafe's and bars.

People choosing to go exploring the coves that flank Kolios Beach will be rewarded with small beaches that are often devoid of any other tourists.

Platanias Beach

Platanias beach is a long and sandy beach to the west of Kolios Beach. This beach is also known as Aghia Paraskevi. Facilities here include a couple of beach tavernas, sun loungers and parasols for hire as well as a full range of watersports.

The beach shelves quite steeply into the water, so families with young children may prefer to look elsewhere. Many people use this as a starting point for the several walking trails that can be found in the area, the most notable of which leads to Kechria Beach, passing a monastery along the way.

Xanemos Beach

If you are the sort of person that likes to indulge in a little plane spotting, then Xanemos beach is the beach for you! Located at the northern end of Skiathos Airport's runway, Xanemos beach is right underneath the flight path of planes approaching/departing this end of the runway.

This sandy beach is accessed via the airport's perimeter trackway. A car park and beach bar can be found at the back of the beach.

Because of its location, this beach is often fairly quiet - except for the noise of passing aircraft!

Mikri Asselinos Beach Skiathos

Mikri Asselinos beach on the north coast of Skiathos.

Megas Asselinos

The beach at Megas Asselinos is probably the easiest beach to access on the north coast of Skiathos. This is particularly true now that a road has been built through the pine forest from Troulos.

This beach also services the campsite that is nearby.

This large sandy beach is fully exposed to the northerly winds and as such the sea can have a sizeable swell.

There is a beach bar at the rear of the beach and it is possible to hire sun loungers and parasols.

If you follow the approach road around to the right a short distance you will end up at Mikri Asselinos. This is a small beach set in a secluded bay. This beach is one of the few naturist's beaches on Skiathos.